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Iron Wood detail of Ai WeiWei sculpture

Soaked in Bleach?

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My favorite Desert Sessions tune.

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I like to watch movies like Hot Rod multiple times, because you can find new details every time which you didn’t notice the first time.

Like today after watching it bazillionth time I realised that there is Josh Homme performing in this movie! 

Brilliant! xD 

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" In support of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund you can bid on this Hagstrom Viking Guitar now. The Guitar is from Josh Homme’s personal collection and signed by Dave, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails and Lindsey Buckingham.

Click here for more infos:

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The first time I heard Bleach, I remember turning to my friends and saying, “We gotta startstart writing better songs.” Listening to “Negative Creep” and “School” and “Love Buzz,” I thought there were three different singers in the band. It was a total perspective-changer – it definitely ripped a sheet of paper off of my mental notepad. A couple of years later, I got an advance copy of Nevermind. I was raised on Black Flag and the Cramps; I had always thought, “This is the best shit ever, and no one’s going to listen to it.” Nevermind proved that I was completely wrong about that. I was so stoked. Being close to that world as it was going down, I met Kurt and Dave and Krist. I watched Kurt get more bummed about how big everything was getting – and yet the songs just got more acidic and better. Being famous was obviously overwhelming for him and too complex for him to understand how to deal with it, but he didn’t make the music pay for it. That was wonderful. Even now, whenever a Nirvana song comes on, I’m always like, “Thank you! Three minutes of nothingnothing to worry about.”
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I’ve got a secret, I cannot say
Blame all the movement to give it away
You’ve got somethin, I understand
Holding it tightly, caught on command

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